Islander Challenge

March 28, 2020

Register for Islander Challenge

Junior ROTC cadets:
Test your skills, challenge yourself like never before, and get a taste of the Island University.

JROTC teams from throughout the state will take on a series of challenges described in the 2020 instructions (pdf).

The goals of the competition are:

  1. Expose JROTC Cadets to a university campus
  2. Encourage friendly competition while increasing esprit de corps among JROTC programs
  3. Raise awareness of the Islander Battalion Senior ROTC Program at TAMUCC.

All participating schools need to complete the online registration as soon as possible, but no later than 5 March 2020. We will take the teams who register and pay before or on the registration date. The registration fee is $150.00 for a school's first team, and $100 for each additional team (up to two additional teams).

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