Master Reading Teacher Certification

Curriculum, Instruction and Learning Sciences

A master reading teacher teaches reading and acts as a mentor to other teachers of reading and content areas within a school or district.

Role of a Master Reading Teacher
Master reading teachers are crucial assets to school systems. According to the Texas Education Agency, a master reading teacher can benefit a campus by:

  • Enhancing what a campus already does well in reading instruction
  • Improving students’ reading achievement significantly
  • Increasing students’ achievement in content areas related to reading
  • Learning from the reading expertise of a fellow teacher
  • Mentoring and receiving feedback in a collegial environment
  • Offering ongoing staff development from a colleague who knows the strengths, needs, culture, faculty, students, and community of the campus

How to become a Master Reading Teacher
There are two ways to become a state-certified master reading teacher in Texas: by completion of a preparation program or by exam. Each method requires different preparation. To earn either of these certifications, you must have competed your bachelor's degree and be eligible for master's level coursework.

  • Certification by preparation program
    If you are already certified as a reading specialist, you can complete a state-approved series of courses to become certified as a master reading teacher. TAMUCC's master's program in reading is a state-approved program that fulfills this requirement.
  • Certification by exam
    To take the TExES exam for your master reading teacher certification, you must have a valid Texas teacher's certificate and at least three years of teaching experience. You also must complete a state-approved master reading teacher preparation program. After completing this program, you must take and pass the TExES master reading teacher examination. Click to download the TExES Master Reading Teacher Preparation Manual (pdf)