COVID-19 updates

Specific updates for College of Education and Human Development

Last updated July 10. Scroll down for more categories & information.


COEHD Academic Advisors are available to assist students. Advisors have created additional appointment availability through the online scheduling system, Timetap. Advisors encourage students to communicate primarily by phone or Webex for the remainder of the semester, but they will allow face-to-face walk-ins (as long as government guidelines permit) if a student has an extenuating circumstance. For contact and scheduling information, visit our advising page.

*We also encourage our students to download the Webex app on their phones and laptops*

Per guidelines in the Clinical Teaching Handbook, teacher candidates follow the calendar and emergency response policies of the school in which they are completing the experience. 

This means:

    1. If the district remains in session, candidates report to school and all professional obligations which are required for the mentor teacher.
    2. If a district moves toward online instruction, candidates should collaborate with Mentor/Cooperating Teachers to assist in the delivery of online instruction.
    3. If a district cancels classes, these absences would be considered "emergency days" and are absences that will need to be made up.  NOTE: The Texas Administrative Code mandates a minimum 14-week student teaching experience for licensure.  If districts close for a period that does not allow candidates to complete 14 weeks before the end of the semester, TAMUCC (and other Texas universities) will confer with the state to determine whether a waiver is possible.

For specific questions, please contact either:

Dr. Kathleen Lynch Davis 361-825-2446

Dr. Carmen Tejeda-Delgado 361-825-2860

Pearson testing centers resumed exam delivery on May 1 in some locations/cities. Visit the Pearson website for up-to-date information. Students who have testing approval can register/schedule an exam. If a Pearson testing location remains closed, then Pearson will notify students about appointment cancellation. Students will then be able to log back into their Pearson account and reschedule.

For assistance, please contact our Certification Office: or

The Antonio E. Garcia Arts & Education Center has temporarily suspended all in-person classes, programs, and events.

Meanwhile, our tutors launched a virtual literacy program that's continued into the summer with new reading sessions every weekday. Videos are posted on facebook.

virtual literacy sessions Monday-Friday schedule: Prek & kinder at 9am, 1st & 2nd grade at 10am, 3rd & 4th grade at 1pm, and 5th grade at 2pm.

The Counseling and Training Clinic is operating remotely via telehealth. Individual counseling is provided by telephone, and groups take place by web conference.

Visit the CTC web site for our current groups and hours.

  • The spring 2020 Educator Induction Ceremony was cancelled. We are providing our graduates with their commemorative medallions for pickup, and we will also welcome them back to a future celebration once it is possible to hold one.
  • The spring and summer 2020 COEHD Hooding Ceremonies were cancelled, and we plan to welcome back any of those grads who wish to participate in a future ceremony whenever it's possible to hold one.
  • The ROTC Commissioning Ceremony took place remotely on May 15 and is available on YouTube.
The Early Childhood Development Center will follow the Corpus Christi ISD's schedule. Please follow the CCISD Coronavirus Resource Page for details on school closure dates and other resources.

There are a lot of COEHD-related resources out there. We will share ones specifically endorsed by our employees and students. Please send to if you would like something added.

  • Math as a stress release, by Dr. Debra Plowman (don't knock it til you've read it)

  • Interactive math games: This database created by Dr. Faye Bruun's class presents free online math games aligned with TEKS and divided by grade level.

  • The ECECH is offering telehealth counseling for no charge, currently through April 30.
  • Emergency funding for child care workers, shared by Dr. Jana Sanders, professor of early childhood education

  • Texas State Aquarium Aquaseries - Facebook live webinars on weekdays at 11:50am CST exploring topics related to science within the aquarium.

  • Tundra Books is offering daily virtual storytimes and sing-a-longs, weekdays at noon CST. Shared by our ECDC librarian, Julee Murphy
  • 211 Texas is a free service provided by the Texas Health and Human Services Commission. If someone needs direct services (food, healthcare, rent/utility assistance, childcare, etc), please call 211 or visit for assistance. (from Dr. Sanders)

  • Our Counseling and Training Clinic is providing free telehealth counseling and has also compiled mental health and homeschooling resources that are almost entirely free and available electronically (the only things not free are the in-patient facilities). Visit this link to access all of the following topics.
    • Managing anxiety and mental health related to COVID-19
    • Explaining COVID-19 to children
    • Help hotlines
    • In-person care facilities
    • Strengthening romantic relationships
    • Mindfulness resources
    • Domestic violence help
    • Homeschooling and learning tips
    • Homeschooling activities
  • The Garcia Arts & Education Center Virtual Literacy Program provides daily read-alouds, separated into age groups and posted each weekday on facebook. Also includes links to related activities.
For overall university information and links to local COVID-19 resources, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions page.