Frequent advising-related questions

The College of Education and Human Development's academic advisors are here to help you. Advisors help with scheduling, degree plans, applying to Teacher Education, preparing for state educator certification, and more.


How do I meet with an academic advisor?

  • You can either walk in during our business hours (Monday-Friday 8am - 5pm) or call ahead to make an appointment: 361-825-2662.

    Advisors are also able to help with some things by email or phone.

Do I need an appointment?

  • You can either walk in or make an appointment. Advisors are generally available whenever the College is open: Monday-Friday 8 am - 5pm. There are several days each year (such as freshman orientation) when all advisors are busy, so we encourage you to call first at 361-825-2662 or check our calendar before making a special trip.

    During the busiest times (the weeks of fall, summer, and spring registration), we only see walk-ins. To avoid waiting, we encourage you to meet with your advisor soon after schedules are released (a few weeks BEFORE the registration period).

When should I meet with my academic advisor?

  • It's important to meet with your academic advisor regularly--at least once a semester--throughout college. There are several especially important times to meet:
    • Freshmen and new transfer students: You will need to meet with an advisor before you first register for classes. Freshmen need to meet with an advisor during each of their first semesters
    • Incoming sophomores (with 30 or more credit hours) should request an official degree plan
    • Juniors: You will meet with your advisor prior to applying for and beginning the Teacher Education Program
    • Seniors: You will meet with an advisor to get clearance for graduation
    • Graduate students: Once each semester

Where are academic advisors located?

  • Advisors are located in the College of Education and Human Development's Faculty Center offices on the second floor. Come to the front desk in FC 201 and sign in on the laptop--your advisor will get an alert and will call you in. To locate the Faculty Center, visit our location page.

What is a faculty advisor?

  • Faculty advisors are professors assigned to all students and are mentors in the discipline of choice. At the graduate level, faculty advisors develop and sign the student's official degree plan.

How do I meet with my faculty advisor?

  • You will need to contact the advisor to make an appointment. Your faculty advisor's contact information and location are listed in the campus directory.

When should I meet with my faculty advisor?

  • Contact your advisor to make an appointment as soon as you receive an email stating you have been admitted (graduate students) or that your degree plan is ready (undergraduate students)The email will contain the advisor's contact information.
  • Contact your faculty advisor for any questions regarding course substitutions or electives.


How do I get in a class that is full?

  • If it is NOT a kinesiology class, contact the professor and ask for permission. Contact information is available in the university phonebook.

    If it is a kinesiology class, you'll have to be put on a wait list. Call 825-6072 to get on the list.

How do I drop a class?

  • If it's before the semester starts:
    1. Go to
    2. Click on "Login to SAIL" and log in
    3. Click "Student" > "Registration" > "Add or Drop Classes"
    4. Select the appropriate term from the drop-down menu
    5. Enter the call numbers of the classes you have selected in the boxes at the bottom
    6. Click Submit
  • If the semester has started:
    • You need to do the drop in person at the Student Services Center (round building). You will need to fill out a form, including the course call number.

How do I choose a COMM 1315 class?

  • When registering for a COMM 1315 class pay particular attention to the "notes" column. Some sections require additional registration in a recitation and others don't. If this is required the specific recitation sections will be listed. In this case the system will not allow registration if the lecture is not associated with the recitation.

How do I choose a PHIL 3340 class?

  • Registering for PHIL 3340 in the fall or spring semesters requires additional registration in a recitation section. Pay attention to the "Notes" column for the recitation sections. Each PHIL 3340 lecture is associated with a recitation. Additionally each recitation section is associated with a particular college. Make sure you register for the College of Education and Human Development recitation associated with your lecture section. If the two don't match the system will not allow you to register.

What do I do if I want to take an overload?

  • It is considered an overload if an undergraduate takes more than 18 hours in the fall or spring or 7 hours in a summer I or summer II session. For graduate students the hours are 12 and 6 respectively.

    If you want to take 3 hours in the Maymester and 6 or 7 in Summer I, then contact your academic advisor, and they can grant the overload. Otherwise, you must:
    • See your academic advisor and fill out a Course Overload Approval Form.
    • The form must be signed, in order, by the student, faculty advisor, chair, and dean
    • Take the form to the center kiosk in the Student Services Center

Why can't I register for the field-based/student teaching block?

  • The call numbers will be given to you in the SAIL registration system. After you log in to SAIL go to "Student", "Registration," "Active Registration" to get the call numbers. The numbers are usually given well after registration begins. For an estimate on when to expect the call numbers call 361-825-3074 for field-based education or 361-825-2669 for student teaching.

I am a graduate student on conditional admission and would like to register for the next semester but I can't because I have a hold. How do I register?

  • You need to contact your professors and ask them to email your midterm grades to your academic advisor. If you have a 3.0 in your conditional classes your advisor will contact the graduate office and tell them to release your hold and allow you to register for the following semester.


How do I find information and register for the THEA?

What THEA scores do I need to be admitted to the Teacher Education Program?

  • You need a 250 in reading, a 230 in math, and a 240 in writing.


When is graduation?

Where can I find graduation information?

Where can I get a copy of a blank degree plan?
Visit our academic programs page and select your degree program. Degree plans are available for download at each program's page.

What are the criteria for undergraduates graduating with honors?

  • To graduate with honors you must have taken at least 45 undergraduate hours at TAMUCC. Only classes taken at TAMUCC count for honors status. The GPA requirements are:

    Cum Laude: 3.5 to 3.699
    Magna Cum Laude: 3.7 to 3.899
    Summa Cum Laude: 3.9 or better


How do I apply to graduate school?

There are 3 pieces of information the graduate office needs to complete an application:

  1. Application
  2. Essay
  3. All transcripts

The application can be submitted either online or in person. All applications require a fee. To submit online go to and click "apply" at the top. To apply in person you can go to the Office of Graduate Studies and Research on the first floor of the Faculty Center. As part of the application, you will need to submit an essay of 300-400 words stating why the you are seeking the degree and how it will further your career. This can be submitted with the online application or separately. (Applications to Counseling programs have additional requirements. Details on the grad studies site.) All college transcripts must be submitted to the Office of Graduate Studies and Research. Their address is as follows:

Graduate Studies & Research
6300 Ocean Drive, Unit 5843
Corpus Christi, TX 78412-5843


How do I know what courses will transfer to TAMUCC?
For core class transfer questions, contact the Islander Transition Center at 825-5931. For major classes your academic advisor can direct you to the appropriate person.

Dean's List

What are the criteria for the Dean's List?
To make the Dean's List, you need to be an undergraduate degree-seeking student registered for a minimum of 12 semester hours at TAMUCC, complete all coursework, and have a 3.65 GPA or higher within the semester in question (Summer I, Summer II, and Maymester stats combine to count as an overall summer semester).

I met the Dean's List criteria. Why didn't I get a Dean's List invitation?

  1. Make sure you are a student based in the College of Education and Human Development. Many students who take their certification courses through us are actually based in other colleges due to their majors, and each college holds its own Dean's List gathering.
  2. Make sure you have current, accurate contact information on file with the university and that you check your mail. We hold two ceremonies per year and send the invitations via both email and physical mail to the addresses you have on file. These invites go out around Sept./Oct. (for the ceremony honoring Spring/Summer DL students) and around Jan./Feb. (for the ceremony honoring Fall DL students).