COEHD Handbook

College of Education and Human Development

Following is the proposed COEHD handbook, pending final approval through the college approval process.

I: Introduction

Introduction, Strategic Goals & Core Values (pdf)

II: Organization and Position Descriptions

Organizational Chart (pdf)

Position Descriptions (pdf)

III: Committees, Councils and Centers

Committees & Councils

ACE Advisory Committee (pdf)

Curriculum Coordinating Committee (pdf)

College Executive Council (pdf)

Doctoral Dissertation Committee (pdf)

Faculty Awards & Scholarship Committee (pdf)

Promotion and Tenure Committee (pdf)

Teacher Education Advisory Committee Huddle (TEACH) (pdf)


Antonio E. Garcia Arts & Education Center (pdf)

Early Childhood Development Center (pdf)

IV: College Policies and Procedures for Faculty and Staff

Academic Advising and Faculty Mentorship (pdf)

Contracts, Grant Writing, Grand-Funded Work Reassigned Time Guidelines (pdf)

Employee Evaluation Policies and Procedures (pdf)

Employee Travel Procedure (pdf)

Faculty Attendance and Participation in University Events (pdf)

Faculty Consulting, External Employment and Conflicts of Interest (pdf)

Faculty Emeritus Status Procedure (pdf)

Faculty Merit Pay (pdf)

Faculty Office Hours Guidelines (pdf)

Faculty Promotion and Tenure Policy (pdf)

Faculty Reviews (pdf)

Faculty Workload Credit & Large Classes (pdf)

Public Dissemination and Publication Guidelines (pdf)

Student Complaint Handling Procedure (pdf)

Syllabus Format (pdf)

V: College Guidelines, Procedures and Information for Students

COEHD Sponsored Student Organizations (pdf)

Dissertation Procedures (pdf)

Student Grade Appeal Procedure (pdf)

Student Grade Appeal Form (pdf)

Student Internships (pdf)

The College of Education and Human Development operates under the University Handbook of Rules and Procedures.