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Handbook Draft 1/2020

College of Education and Human Development

*This is a draft and will not officially take effect until it has been voted on on and approved.

1. Organization

  1. Organizational Structure (pdf)
  2. Standing Committees (pdf)
  3. Faculty Meeting Process (pdf)
  4. Handbook Review and Approval (pdf)
  5. Academic Continuity Planning (pdf)
  6. College Abandoned Property (faculty) (pdf)
  7. Department Chair Access to Courses in the Learning Management System (pdf)

2. Curriculum

  1. Curriculum Coordinating Committee (pdf)
  2. Course Scheduling Development (pdf)
  3. Selection of Textbooks and Instruction Material (pdf)

3. Faculty

  1. Faculty Recruitment and Selection Process (pdf)
  2. Adjunct and Part-Time Faculty Recruitment and Supervision (pdf)
  3. Faculty Responsibilities (pdf)
  4. Faculty Annual Evaluations (pdf)
  5. Faculty Development (pdf)
  6. Faculty Promotion and Tenure (pdf)
  7. (intentionally blank)
  8. Post-Tenure Review (pdf)
  9. Graduate Faculty Policy (pdf)
  10. Faculty and Staff Emeritus Status (pdf)
  11. Faculty Workload Credit (pdf)
  12. Merit Compensation and Salary Increases (pdf)
  13. Summer Teaching (pdf)
  14. External Employment (pdf)
  15. Research Enhancement Award Policy (pdf)
  16. Request for Funds (pdf)
  17. Travel Guidelines (pdf)
  18. Indirect Costs (pdf)

4. Students

  1. Class Attendance (pdf)
  2. Student Grade Appeals (pdf)
  3. Student Internships (pdf)
  4. Transfer Students and Transfer Credit (pdf)
  5. Undergraduate Directed Individual Study Courses (pdf)
  6. Graduate Directed Individual Research or Reading Courses (pdf)

5. Forms

  1. Undergraduate Directed Individual Study Agreement (pdf)
  2. Graduate Directed Individual Research or Reading Agreement (pdf)
  3. Request for funds (pdf)
  4. Internship Agreement (pdf)

6. Documents

  1. Organizational Chart (pdf)
  2. Standing Committees (pdf)
  4. Faculty Committee Assignments (xlsx)

7. Dissertation Procedures

  1. Dissertation Procedures (pdf)